Subaru XV Concept New Generation of Crossover

The Subaru XV Concept is Subaru's design concept car that a new generation of crossover vehicles are defined, blending incredible functionality with a fashionable SUVs at the Shanghai Motor Show. The key design concept is "Protren. The word was coined by the" professional tool "and" trendy design. He revealed the integration of "authentic features such as professional tools" and "urban design and stylish." Vehicle was developed to combine the silhouette commands such crossover with fashionable image in a single package, the modern single. Contemporary design and electrifying the line is guaranteed to turn heads as her body is very solid, dynamic and independent as the styling so characteristic of every Subaru.

The XV-concept over 2635 mm wheelbase and measures to build long 4.450 mm, 1.800 mm in width and height of 1620 mm. Silver spokes, black rims and center caps clear blue: The concept presented in Shanghai in an Electro-yellow exterior paint painted green with a set of aluminum wheels painted a contrasting color combinations.

Forward concept radiator grille with a central hexagon in the same color as the body was painted motifs and light winged Hawk-Eye is defined. At the rear is the same XV of the hexagonal design of the front and six more corner carved into the clear blue base with a license plate design that complements the same consistent, defined. The last element of the exterior design is a kind of continuous panoramic glass roof that extends from behind the windshield.

Part of the concept XV continued with the same dynamic exterior. Seats are covered in silvery white, and they combined with the use of athletic mesh with yellow-green pipes in the area selected interior. A dynamic contour runs from the instrument panel in front door panels and center console, while the center panel has a large touch-panel multi-information display, which provides easy control over the navigation and audio systems.

An impressive feature of the concept itself Subaru is designed to support the driving "vision" system: an LCD screen positioned between a combination of two meters balanced and very visible and the driver, an image captured by camera stereo vision checked.

Specs engine, Subaru has set the engine 2.0-liter DOHC boxer four-cylinder with linear Tronic (CVT) transmission under the hood XV combines the concept. They do not provide technical details about the machine but this machine is also in the Forester, where he gave a total of 150 hp at 6,000 rpm and 146 lb-ft at 4200 U / min, so we have the same performance for the XV expect the concept.

Chances are that the public will never get the chance to sit behind the wheel of Concept XV. This car is just an idea that a new crossover model in the Subaru lineup will inspire you. Expect to see the same language in several models of Subaru's future, including next-generation Impreza XV and his version of the crossover.

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