Preparations For The Rainy season

For drivers, the rain could be a disaster if ignored the preparations for the rainy season. Prepare an annual routine car hit standing water is obligatory if the rains do not want to get stuck.

It is plural when the rain, especially in big cities cars jammed with long queues snaking fast. The condition worsened when it was time to go home hours of work. Rows of cars that run slowly to avoid standing water or mud can make travel time delay. And finally in the middle of the night journey in heavy rain when the body is tired inevitable.

In such conditions, the higher the risk of accidents. Since the body is tired, stressed and hungry to make the driver's reflexes down. Rain and dark of night to limit visibility. Numerous studies also confirmed a fatal accident at night is more common than in the afternoon.

Below is a series of tips for driving at night for more secure and comfortable.

  1. Clean the window glass: Glass dirty reduce visibility. Clean it regularly and keep the windshield cleaner reservoirs remain full of caring is the easiest way glass.
  2. Aligning the main lights to get maximum visibility. Can be done in the shop or at home when there is ability.
  3. Save the glass cleaner and wipe the car that can be used any time to clean all lamps, including license plate numbers.
  4. Improve the lighting system. If your car is still using a conventional bulb, it is better replaced with halogen or High Intensity Discharge (HID), which are brighter. Can also equipped with a set of fog lamps for low beam illumination is better when the weather is not friendly.
  5. Make your car more visible. Clean car reflect light better than dull dirty. Attaching reflective tape on the bumper and side molding also helps make the car more visible. Thus, other riders can keep their distance and be careful.
  6. Add brake lights. Additional brake lights such as high-mounted brake lamp, can reduce the risk of hit from behind by 30%.
  7. When a strike, turn on emergency flasher and plug the security triangle. When the ith wet, Arm your car is equipped with a raincoat reflector tape to be viewed from a distance.
  8. Stay alert. Tired reduce power reflexes and reactions. The condition is more severe when sleepy. Stay alert and awake.
  9. And do not ever use alcohol to make eye literacy. Already proven liquor combined with driving often ends in death. When sleepy, rest for a moment. Do not forget to bring a little food for the stomach booster in case of total traffic jam.
  10. Dark atmosphere, reduced visibility. In such conditions, to estimate the distance to be difficult. The most prudent action is to reduce the speed and the distance to the car in front. Suggested making a safe distance to brake or avoid if anything happens.

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