How to Fill Petrol

These are tips how to fill petrol from a summary of various sources.

1. Refuel only in the morning.
When the soil surface temperature is still cold. Every gas station store gasoline in underground storage space. Colder temperatures, then gasoline will be more "solid", whereas when the temperature warms, gasoline will expand

So, if we fill petrol in the afternoon or evening (when the ground temperature is still hot), gasoline will expand, which means that volume is read by the meter will be greater than actually volume.

In the petroleum business, the addition of 1 degree of temperature difference.
But all gas station (service station) do not have the means to compensate for this difference to consumers.

2. When pumping gas, do not set the aperture NOZZLE become FAST mode.

This applies if the gas station to give self-service facilities. But we can try to give to employees in order to know the settings to slow mode (can not you?).

Trigger it has 3 levels: low, medium, high.

In slow mode, we enter the station slowly, and the result is to minimize the creation of vapor (steam) from the gasoline. All hoses at the gas station have a vapor return (meaning roughly: the road back for gasoline vapor).

If we're setting the FAST mode, then some of the gasoline (which is a liquid) will turn into vapor (steam) and will be sucked back into the storage tanks, finished gasoline into the car / motorcycle us much less than that shown on the meter.

3. The contents of gasoline when supplies are still half (Half-Full)

As more and more our gas tank containing gasoline, the less air there. Petrol (gasoline) to evaporate much faster than you imagine. Gasoline storage tank has a roof that floats in it (internal floating roof), which serves as a separator between fuel and air in the tank.
Then do the same fuel saving what?

maybe this:

If at the gas station, they have "internal floating roof", so they will not experience a reduction of gasoline because it evaporates, while in a car / motorcycle we do not exist, so we have to set yourself.

4. Never fill the gasoline when filling storage tanks.

Most likely the content of gasoline in storage space (storage tank) is being stirred so that the dirt (which usually is at the bottom) would be lifted and can be carried into the gas tank car / motorcycle us.

Hopefully helpful, if not match reality please be corrected.

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