Honda Brio For The Asian Market

Honda has developed the new Brio, which is specifically designed for emerging markets such as India, Thailand, and China. Brio has the government's eco-car certification model Engine emissions, fuel consumption, and vehicle requirements such as clearing the emissions regulations and standards, the 17% reduction in excise duty, on sale in late May as Thailand.

"Brio" is a newly developed small car market for Entorika expanding in Asia, Thailand and India. M · M and Honda's philosophy is "to maximize space for people, minimum space for mechanisms" that "people centered" concept of working in Honda's car manufacturing is the basic idea evolved, compact body size of any city easy width 3,610 mm × 1,680 mm × 1,485 mm, the realized design and spacious interior presence to assert.

Thailand specification car, 1.2L i-VTEC engine that is the government's eco-car certification standards 5L/100Km, four or more fuel efficiency, Emissions regulations are enforced in Europe corresponding environmental performance. In addition, while standard equipment on all grades airbags passenger and driver seat, 390,000 price 9,900 baht (1.07 million to about 9,730 yen 6 ) and setting from the affordable prices and performance required in the Thai market This model has both.

Honda Automobile Production (Thailand) Company Limited has made, has sold 40,000 units a year from release. Also, in the future also plans to export to neighboring countries.
"Brio" is followed by production and sales in Thailand are also plans to export to neighboring countries from the production and sale in India later this year.

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