Mercedes-Benz had Created the BIOME Concept

When we first reported Mercedes-Benz had created the BIOME concept. Designed at the Carlsbad, California Advanced Design studio, the BIOME set out to explore different ideas for the future of sustainable,
green transportation. "The BIOME grows in a completely organic environment from seeds sown in a nursery. Out on the road it emits pure oxygen, and at the end of its lifespan it can simply be composted or used as building material." said Hubert Lee, head of the studio.

"As the inventor of the motor car, we wanted to illustrate the vision of the perfect vehicle of the future, which is created and functions in complete symbiosis with nature. The Mercedes-Benz BIOME is a natural technology hybrid, and forms part of our earth's ecosystem. It grows and thrives like the leaves on a tree" Hubert Lee, head of the Mercedes-Benz advanced design studios said.

Inspired by nature, the BIOME is a 2+2 coupe which features futuristic styling and a full-length glass canopy. This vision includes growing a material called BioFibre which would be lighter than metal or plastic, yet stronger than steel. The resulting car would weighs in at 875.5 lbs (around 394 kg). The entire vehicle would also be completely biodegradable.

As we have previously reported , the BIOME was envisioned for a world where "each vehicle is grown from two seeds. One seed, the front star, grows the interior of the vehicle from Mercedes-Benz DNA, while the seed capsule creates the vehicles exterior." Furthermore, the car boasts fictitious BioFibre construction and runs on imaginary BioNectar4534.

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