Audi Quattro concept The Foundation Of Future Quattro Coupes

Audi’s Quattro is the epitome of perfectly combined qualities of a champion motor sport car. By simply looking at the appearance of the Audi Quattro concept—hefty, solid and dominant—it already reveals the
capabilities and potential it hides inside. With a record of 183-kilogram weight, a 300 kW, five-cylinder turbocharged engine, and the newest Quattro’s permanent all-wheel drive system, this Audi Quattro represents the systematic evolution of technology in manufacturing, which is the foundation of future Quattro coupés.

In this case, though, the 2.5-liter unit makes 408-horsepower / 300 kW and uses a 6-speed manual transmission to drive all four 20-inch wheels with 480 Nm / 354 lb-ft. Behind the center-locking dubs are carbon-ceramic discs wearing 6-piston grippers.

With its high-output 5-pot and diet, the new quattro is said to be able to spring to 100 km/h / 62 mph in a scant 3.9 seconds and return a fuel economy of 8.5 liters/100 km (27.67 mpg US). That's fairly quick and efficient, and it's all thanks to a fantastic 9.48 lb / horsepower ratio and a huge weight reduction.

One of its distinguishing features is the self-locking crown-gear center differential that is light and compact, and it has a wide range of torque distribution between the rear and front wheels. Also, it does not only use ASF-assembled aluminum but also lightweight and high-strength carbon that is used in hood and bumpers.

The conventional MMI central display has also been changed completely to a digital instrument cluster, resulting in a more condensed and a cleaner-looking interior. One such multimedia function is the neat web-radio, which uses a cell phone to connect to radio stations worldwide. There's also a readout of the rally driver's "prayer book" (track description) available in race mode.

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