Ferrari Enzo More Efficient With New Technology

Regulation exhaust emissions become increasingly stringent in Europe a new challenge for the sports car manufacturer. One of them is a Ferrari. The solution adopted was the sports car manufacturer, thrusting hybrid technology.

After Ferrari California "greening" at the Paris Motor Show 2010, the latest generation of the next turn Enzo will be planted with environmentally friendly technology. This was revealed by direct boss Horse Jingkrak manufacturer, Luca di Montezemolo told Autoweek.

Luca Montezemolo said, Enzo will still get the best performance, as well as fuel consumption more efficient with new technology. Enzo expected to present the latest model in 2012.

"This car will bring all our best advantage to produce the greatest performance, as well as to reduce fuel consumption and emissions. This technology will be used on all of Ferrari's future," said Luca.

Company founder Enzo Ferrari always felt that design should come from the street car racers. Therefore, completely logical that the company's latest creation should bear his name. The Enzo, built in a limited run of 399, a remarkable expression of extreme sporty concept, developed for road use, yet epitomizing the most advanced concepts of Formula 1 racing technology

Ferrari set out to develop the Enzo as an integrated system designed for extreme performance, in which even the limits of performance achieved by the driver who improved, thanks to human-machine interface typical of Formula 1.

Never force derived directly from such a function in this model. Pininfarina wanted to create an uncompromising car that would break away from the approach used for the F40, GTO and F50 that preceded it, to develop a new formal language that looked into the future. The engineers tried to create a visual link with the world of Formula 1, where Enzo owes technology, while highlighting compactness and light weight. The result is a sculpture, forming a complex.

Ferrari Enzo body made of carbon fiber, as a result, this car weighs less. The car features aerodynamic subsystem for better security and performance. It is also equipped with active suspension for comfortable ride in sports mode.

Ferrarri Enzo V12 engine features four valves per cylinder. Engine displacement of 4700 cc and it gives the power output of 660 bhp and 485 lb-ft of torque. Enzo Ferrari reach speeds of 60 mph in 3.4 seconds and a top speed of around 217 mph. Enzo Ferrari's 6-speed transmission features a semi-automatic gear changes can be done easily and smoothly even at high loads.

Wheels wrapped with Bridgestone tires and features carbon ceramic discs with six-piston calipers. This car is also equipped with Anti-Braking System and power steering.

Exterior features stylish body structure, headlights and tail lights. Interior designed mostly from carbon fiber and features air conditioning system, navigation system and optional launch control.

Initially, the Enzo Ferrari cost $ 670,000 and only 399 units ever produced, but because of high demand and limited supply, prices rise Enzo Ferrari crash every time someone and currently estimated at more than $ 1,000,000.

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