2010 Porsche 911 GT3 RS Racing Car for General public

Porsche 911 GT3 RS is a genuine racing car approved for the general public. Porsche that makes models available to the general public due to racing conditions determine to sell a production version of the actual race car. It is formulated for demanding use the competition with a special suspension, weight-saving components and a large carbon fiber wing spoiler and even comes complete with a special uniform.

The new 911 GT3 RS comes exclusively with a six-speed manual gearbox optimized for short gearshift travel, low weight and high efficiency.To enhance the level of performance Throughout the entire range of engine and road speed, the transmission comes with shorter ratios found Than in the 911 GT3, deliberately conceding an even higher potential top speed tracks.

Also Porsche engineers managed to improv the GT3 RS 'handling, thanks to a specifically setup PASM suspension, wider tracks both front and rear engine mounts and dynamic cans That change stiffness and damping effect to improv the Connection Between the engine and the car's body.

The new 911 GT3 RS Also features a lower ride height, a large carbon fiber rear wing and a titanium exhaust system. For those looking to Shed even more weight - 22 pounds to be exact - a lithium-ion battery cans be ordered in the place the conventional lead-acid battery.

Supported racing inside the leather seats with suede-like Alcantara inserts. Steering wheel, gear knob and handbrake lever are also covered in Alcantara.

The heart of the new 911 GT3 RS, power units, based on the GT3 engine is shown at 911. Like the latter, the power unit replaces the 3.8 RS is not a 3.6-liter, giving even more power and revving up even faster and more dynamic.

Machine shown in the new 911 GT3 RS gives 15 bhp more than companion in GT3 911, ie maximum output of 450 horsepower, quick-revving power unit naturally-aspirated. This means that more specific output of 118 bhp per liter of six cylinders, a figure that is very high for natural-aspiration technology even in the whole world comparison tight. And unlike many other high-performance engines, power units in the new 911 GT3 RS remains entirely suitable for everyday use.

Porsche Active Suspension Management and standard traction control both. As expected, the brake system as well as from various high-performance Porsche ceramic composite brakes as an option. 19-inch lightweight wheels are RS-exclusive.

To measure the performance of a song, customers can choose Porsche's better or more comprehensive package Chrono Chrono Package Plus. This includes a digital-analog gauges on the dashboard.

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