Porsche Panamera Diesel Most Luxurious but Economical

Porsche offers to prove that even the most luxurious cars is more economical with the debut of a V6 diesel engine from the Porsche Panamera, the further improvement of the model of action for German consumers. One of the most efficient models in its class. A luxury Gran Turismo, Porsche Panamera, diesel is capable of four passengers in comfort at Lands End sport of Loch Ness without refueling.

Attached to each Cayenne a Porsche Vehicle Tracking System (VTS), a sophisticated vehicle security package approved to Thatcham Category 5 standard, and customers will be able to explore the potential of their new car by participating in a free course to explore the Experience Center Porsche, Silverstone.

The Panamera Carrera Diesel still feature extended look as the standard model. Measuring 4.97 meters long and only 142 centimeters tall. The only difference in the outer one will be the "diesel" word on the front doors and tailgate.

The interior still has the same high-end leather seats, soft-touch plastic, navigation system, a three-spoke steering wheel and brushed aluminum surrounds, which are found on all models of the line.

The new Porsche Panamera diesel engine is driven by the same 3.0-liter V6 engine found in the Cayenne. This engine is also equipped with common rail direct injection with piezo valve with a pressure of 2000 and employs a variable geometry turbocharger turbocharger controlled electric (VGTs) and reaches a controlled exhaust gas recirculation, oxidation catalyst and particulate filter, the reduction emissions. All these components provide a total of 250 hp between 3,800 rpm and 4,400 rpm and maximum torque of 405 Nm available from 1,750 rpm up to 2,750. The new engine, the Panamera 00-60 mph sprint in 6.8 seconds with a top speed of 150 mph. It will only be offered in rear disc version.

The efficiency of the fuel for the Sport Sedan is marked at 6.3 liters per 100 kilometers, or about 37 mpg and emissions of C02 C02 is £ 0.57 per kilometer. Other advantages for the Panamera diesel have the start-stop function and the optional adaptive air suspension.

In Germany, the new Panamera diesel for sale in August 2011 at a price of € 80,183 or about 119.500 U.S. dollars at current exchange rates. No word yet if it becomes available in the U.S. market.

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