Dodge Ram Long-Hauler Concept Greater Range and Torque

They are not much larger, have greater range and more torque than the carrier-Long Ram Truck Concept. The Ram Long-carrier is a Class 5 Ram 5500 Chassis Cab, and is tailored to the needs of people who have dragged more trailers or heavy, driving long distances or small business owners looking for a "workhorse" to fit on site .

Designers began with a Class 5 Ram Mega Cab 5500 Crew Cab and converted into a passenger compartment has an 8-foot, increasing the range between the stations at the center of the fuel tanker. In combination with a second frame mounted fuel tank and a third, optional bed mounted auxiliary fuel tank, the total capacity is 170 gallons of fuel.

The total length of the long-Ram-carrier of 24 meters, height 79.1 cm and an empty weight is estimated at £ 9,300. With 197.4 - inch wheelbase and 37,500 to the gross weight (GCWR), the concept of Long-Hauler Ram only for those on the truck, from a traditional class 3 (a tonne) or class 4 truck.

The powertrain for the concept truck has a 6.7 liter six-cylinder high-performance Cummins Turbo Diesel engine rated at 800 Nm torque. Sheep legendary diesel engine with a manual six-speed Aisin automatic transmission AS68RC with all-wheel-drive transfer cases coupled with a 4.88 Dana axle 110 seats with two rear wheels.

Kelderman Air Ride on a front and rear suspension, and 19.5-inch Alcoa aluminum wheels are on the road driving dynamics are civilians, and even more difficult road surfaces absorb light and gives the driver and passengers with a smooth ride and comfortable. In fact, Ram-Long Hauler Ride qualities are in line with those of a 3/4-ton truck. The package is also self-leveling suspension with kneeling function.

On the outside is shiny black with gold metallic white bicolor, including the lower body side moldings and wide fenders front and rear accent. Until recently, the bull bar stretches the full width of the vehicle. For full use of the bed, the spare wheel is located under the field. Making it happen, supporters line up more easily transferred to the fifth wheel is in full view of a camera to the back-up on the bed.

A pick-up custom tailgate allows easy access to mediation, without the need to open, or the entire tailgate.

Inside, the interior noise has been greatly reduced with a better NVH package that provides a quiet cabin. The Ram-Long Hauler 2 +2 concept includes leather seats with a specific, high seat comfort. Rear passenger comfort is assured with electrically adjustable footrests and a rear center console, a refrigerator, tables and cup holders.

In the cabin, includes 12V and 115V front and rear. activated with the interior of the Wi-Fi, passengers can easily connect to a laptop to the Internet for work during the long journey.

Additional cabin also has an area of ​​portable storage and safe. Interior designed to hold the driver is to monitor the performance of the vehicle, a tire pressure monitoring, temperature display and rear axles include exhaust gas temperature and boost indicators. Comfort also has an inductive charging station and a DVD player with an overhead screen for rear passengers, their favorite shows and entertainment.

The rear seats fold up for console and additional storage or a place to stop for rest.

Ram Truck is required to present a potential market for a class 5, including car racing team, car haulers, RV owners, ranchers and rodeo competitors, boaters and business operations to speed up the identification.

The Ram Long-carrier, while only a concept, the whole country over the next eight months will not be seen, for public opinion on the complaint of a vehicle that offers an upgrade from a 1 ton truck without moving up to a full Class 6 trucks.

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