OnStar Anywhere

It’s pretty safe to say that OnStar has been one of the few additions to the GM empire of the last quarter century that has had anything remotely resembling staying power: Saab never really took off (Heh…) under the General’s command, alliances with Fiat and Subaru each lasted all of about 10 minutes, and Saturn and Hummer are both synonymous with “flash in the pan.”

Now the humbled-by-bankruptcy-and-nationalization GM hopes to extend OnStar’s reach by making the service available in any car. For $299 plus installation and subscription fees, motorists will be able to purchase an OnStar Anywhere rearview mirror at their local Best Buy beginning this spring and have access to all the features for which OnStar is known, including turn-by-turn navigation, stolen vehicle tracking, automatic crash response and locating the nearest restaurant or other point of interest.

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