MyFord Mobile

With electric vehicles beginning to proliferate, automakers are having to figure out ways to make their battery-operated wares a) stand out from the herd and b) give their owners and lessees an enjoyable motoring experience. One of the most popular ways to accomplish this seems to be smartphone apps that let you do things like monitor the charging process and pre-heat or pre-cool the interior while the car is still plugged in. Since Ford is the latest car company to unveil its production EVs, it’s only fitting that it would also be the latest to announce just such an app.

MyFord Mobile lets users do the things mentioned above, plus it uses GPS to locate the nearest public charging stations and allows your phone to act as a door lock remote control. With at least a pair of EVs (Focus and Transit Connect) and a plug-in hybrid (C-Max Energi) on the way in the next couple of years, you can bet Dearborn will be getting plenty of miles out of this particular relationship between cars and phones, two inventions that may have separately dominated the 20th century, but are becoming closer and closer allies in the 21st.

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