GT Evolution by Amari Design based on Bentley Continental GT

Amari Design is a tuner that has been brought to life earlier this year. Continuing their attack of new product announcements, tuning visitor Amari Design is presenting their third module in 6 weeks. Now, the British company is introducing its third development, which uses the (non-facelifted) Bentley Continental GT as a starting point. We can usually hope they have something discernible to uncover very soon.

This time around the British supercar play turns their pattern pads towards the Bentley Continental GT. Constructed out of high high quality cosmetic and CO fiber, the conversion consists of a front bumper, mouth spoiler, hood, fenders, side skirts, entertain row extensions, back bumper, back diffuser, back spoiler and exhaust.

Wheels are Amari Design AD1 – an impassioned low concave 3 square imitate section that sadly Amari doesn’t mention the dimensions. But Amari will discuss it shortly as work is beneath way on their new imitate circle line. Amari says in a press matter they are, “working divided on 3 new designs in 4 not similar concepts from low concave monoblock and 3 square to 3 square modular, from CO essential element faces and lips to body colored pin stripes.” When it comes to finishes, “what the customer wants is what the customer gets.”

As for the interior, the tuning company promises to cater for each client’s needs, with the list of goodies including a special leather finish that mixes Napa leather with Alcantara, as well as carbon fiber trimming and others.

We’ve saved the best for last: Amari wants the monster to become even more fierce, so it will strap a supercharger to the vehicle’s 6.0-liter W12 unit (eyebrow up for this one) and also install other mods, such as a custom exhaust. The aim is to allow the driver to play with no less than 750 hp.

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