Aston Martin one-77 Epitomises Everything from Technology

As the name, Aston Martin one-77 will be produced in a limited production run of just 77 units with the first deliveries towards the end of next year. The One-77 is Aston Martin's definitive sports car, one that
epitomises everything Aston Martin from technology, the hand-craftsmanship of the hand rolled aluminium panels to the attention to detail. A culmination of all the marque's know-how, the Aston Martin One-77 delivers effortless beauty guaranteed to stir the senses with performance potential eclipsing any previous Aston Martin.

What they have done with the Aston Martin One-77 is fuse advanced technology with a stunning design to create possibly the world’s most desirable automotive art form. Like all Aston Martin products, the one-77 is stunning in every category, from exterior styling to power.

The One-77 will feature a full carbon fiber monocoque chassis and a handcrafted aluminum body. That body was designed in typical Aston fashion, as it carries over that unique grille, just with more flair. Conceived and designed at Aston Martin's Gaydon HQ, the monocoque, or 'tub', has been built in partnership with Multimatic (MTC). As world leaders in carbon composite technology, advanced vehicle analysis and dynamic simulation, MTC brings unrivalled specialist capabilities to the exacting challenge of the Aston Martin One-77 programme. To justify the car’s stratospheric price tag, Aston Martin spared no expense in fine-tuning every detail in the car, including carbon ceramic wheels and LED headlights.

According to Aston Martin,the One-77’s interior "is inspired by a minimalist approach with every item designed for purpose. The interior design reflects of the beauty of the carbon fiber monocoque, leaving large areas of carbon exposed. The ergonomics of the car create the ultimate environment for the enthusiastic driver. The driver sits very low and slightly behind the center of gravity with few distractions to interrupt the enjoyment of driving."

Specs engine, the naturally aspirated front-mid mounted engine will possess a displacement of 7.0 liters backed up with a total of 12 cylinders, power outage is reported to be in the region of 710hp and 750Nm(553lb-ft) of torque. It is mated to a 6 speed automated manual transmission that features an Auto Shift Manual/Select Shift Manual (ASM/SSM) electro-hydraulic control system. Those astronomical performance numbers and the One-77’s 3,300 pound curb weight should allow for a top speed around the 220 mph mark, with a 0-60 mph time of around 3.5 seconds or less.

The two-seater sports coupe will be available in either left or right hand drive. It will boast an aluminium body with carbon fibre extrusions that will keep the overall weight of the car down to around 1500kg. Further details and images have now been unearthed by Dutch site which confirms the model will carry an astronomical price of £1,050,000 excluding taxes.

Aston Martin will enhance the overall performance of the one-77 with a carbon ceramic braking system and a height adjustable suspension that will work in tandem with the dynamic stability control system.

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