Alfa Romeo Mito Designed by the Fiat Group Using TwinAir

Tell latest comes from Italy, Alfa Romeo Mito Hatchback preparing a facelift with a fresh models and latest machines. This machine was designed by the Fiat group using TwinAir technology that controls the intake
valve to generate more power, but fuel efficient and environmentally friendly.

Considerable work has gone into lowering the vehicle's centre of gravity; thus certain components such as the tailgate spoiler, roof and mirror fairings are in carbon-fibre; while aluminium is used extensively in the braking system, suspension, and some parts of the chassis. Under the bonnet, an exciting new petrol engine, very much in keeping with the pre-requisites of downsizing, environmental awareness, and the offer of high power and efficiency in return for low weight and optimised packaging, powers the Alfa Romeo MiTo Concept.

Front suspension employs new geometry with aluminium leading arms, while the rear suspension has all-new bushings, and the comprehensively revised chassis boasts an 'active' suspension system, (advanced damper control), which counteracts the transfer of load under acceleration, stiffening the rear end and maximising traction. The Alfa Romeo MiTo GTA Concept's suspension also interacts with the braking system and steering to obtain the most efficient control of vehicle dynamics, while a 'Sky-Hook' function ensures an excellent level of passenger comfort under conditions of everyday use.

Alfa Romeo thought that by using a small capacity engine, it will be easy to launch efforts to increase fuel efficiency and reduce emissions. While performance enthusiasts won't be thrilled, the 875cc two-cylinder engine produces 65 (48 kW / 65 hp) to 105 PS (78 kW / 104 hp). More importantly, thanks to stop/start technology, the car is expected to carry a fuel economy rating of 4.5 l/100km (52 mpg US).

Estimated arrival and price: On sale in Europe this summer, with the American version arriving in 2012, the Giulietta opens at about $23,000. Alfas will be sold through Chrysler dealers.

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