2010 BMW Alpina B3 S stays faithful to another ALPINA manufacturing edict

2010 BMW Alpina B3 S Bi-Turbo is available as a coupe, convertible, touring or saloon vehicle. Rear-wheel and all-wheel drivetrain options are available for the car.

With switchable six-speed automatic transmission in Saloon, Touring, Coupe and Convertible forms, 2010 BMW Alpina B3 S stays faithful to another ALPINA manufacturing edict - that the sporting nature of its cars should not compromise luxury, comfort and everyday usability.

2010 BMW Alpina B3S is readily identified by a redesigned front spoiler and a new rear diffuser which encloses the tailpipes, reducing lift and ensuring optimum engine cooling. The ALPINA Classic alloy wheels get the new design treatment seen on the latest B7.

The Alpina B3 S Bi-Turbo is something we'll probably have to get used to in the M3 – no V8. Instead we get treated to a 3.0 litre with a pair of blowers delivering 395bhp. Which gets quite close to what the M3 can manage. Those 395 horses allow the B3 S to hustle to 62 mph in 4.7 seconds. Which is almost exactly what the M3 manages.

the B3 S also manages – after a fashion – to emit a slight green glow. CO2 comes in at 224g/km and average economy (not whilst doing 0-60mph in mid 4 seconds) is 29.1 mpg. The bog standard B3 S – complete with Alpina alloys, new front spoiler and rear diffuser – comes in at £49,250. Which again beats the M3 Convertible by a couple of grand.
The interior is upholstered with leather sport seats, and a blue Alpina display beneath the dashboard. The display contains a digital speedometer and indicates important information such as engine and oil temperature.

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