Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG series

Design-oriented, has drawn inspiration classic luxury sports car Mercedes-Benz. Opening the door gullwing sweep reveals a curved design with large opening angle. embodiment design of sports cars and gives the appearance of a true dream car.

FAB-Design has given the new AMG Mercedes SLS individualization with aerodynamic development. In this improvement, the Swiss tuner from Mellingen has produced a more focused version of the SLS-wing doors.

FAB Design Swiss tuning company has just pulled the covers over the proposal SLS-powered AMG Mercedes-Benz. Although the company has not published all the details, we know that the tuner to find a way to extract the output of the V8 supercars 'engine door Gullwing' prompted more than 40 horses total 611-horsepower. The extra oomph to make the SLS allows AMG-run to-100km / 0 h (62mph) in 3.7 seconds, not a model time of 3.8 seconds stock.

FAB Design also create a new body kit consisting of front bumper restyled Stuttgart supercar with added ventilation and lip spoiler, side skirts, roof like a spoon race, a new rear bumper that houses the quad exhaust tips and fixed rear wing. Another highlight is the three 20-inch "Evoline" wheels complete with classic design to compliment the classic silhouette of the car sports-hole FAB SLS. In addition to a set of sports suspension fitted fit together to meet the needs for both comfort and sport.

Brought lightweight design, dynamic performance and pure emotion, Mercedes-Benz and AMG has developed a pure sports car interiors for the new SLS. Interior authentic motorsport combines functionality with safety standards of the legendary Mercedes-Benz. Revealing the meticulous attention to detail, a variety of fine materials, including nappa leather and real metal trim (real carbon trim available as an option), emphasize the outstanding design and character of hand-finished interior of the SLS.

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