Bugatti Veyron most expensive car

The engine has 16 cylinders, eight camshafts, four turbochargers, 64 valves and produces 1001 horsepower. It will power the world's fastest production car to a top speed of 406kmh. When the Bugatti Veyron goes on sale next year it will cost around $2,000,000.

After a 50 year hiatus, the Bugatti badge is returning on a car as breathtaking as those which created the legend on the roads and racetracks of Europe prior to WW2. Named after the most famous racing driver of the thirties, Pierre Veyron, the Bugatti Veyron 16.4 will be the fastest and most expensive production car ever ever produced.

While the Veyron's power and speed figures are astounding, so too is the acceleration - between 2200 and 5500rpm it makes an 922lb/ft of torque - an outrageous feat and one achieved via F1-style and other bleeding-edge technologies such as having not one but two independent engine management computers for each bank of cylinders, and the electromagnetic injection valves which make it possible to precisely define when and how much fuel is injected into each combustion chamber. This massive mid-range grunt allows the Veyron to accelerate from standstill to 300kmh in under 14 seconds.

But the performance is only one facet of this diamond. The array of unique features within the car are commensurate with the AUS$2 million price tag and include a specially designed 7-speed gearbox, an aerodynamic mono-coque body complete with fully-panelled undertray and a rear spoiler which changes position according to the speed range of the car. Even the hi-fi system was designed in conjunction with the body shape. There is nothing ordinary about this car - when it goes on sale next year, it will be the fastest and most expensive production car in history.


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