Bentley Mulsanne 2010 Review History of the Luxurious

Bentley Mulsanne inspired by the tradition of grand tour and have been trying to develop this story to a new generation of Bentley enthusiasts.
From first-hand sketches in the studio styling, Bentley Design team, led by Dirk van Braeckel, has created a ship that offers a classic sport, the style of old cues associated with Bentley - presented in a way that is really

Our engineers create a huge new Bentley which will stand as a top British luxury automobile, offering the most exclusive driving experience in the world. They have answered this challenge with enthusiasm is real and the result is a large luxury tourer that sets new standards in terms of comfort, performance and refinement easy crafts -. The quality is very famous Bentley.

Bentley Design is as much about scale as something else, and Mulsanne no exception. With an overall length and width and 76 inches just shy 220, It's so big it's really a shadow forbearer by nearly seven inches. The good part of the increase that can be found in the wheelbase, which stretches 128.6 inches. This extension was made in order to add space in the rear seat is spacious.

Bentley Mulsanne headlights have an eccentric sort of historical artifact, an aesthetic tip of the hat to the 1950 S-Type. Regardless, the lights are located in some pretty innovative front fender. Such as doors and hood, they are made of aluminum, it's just that they 'Superformed,' means that instead of stamped, molten lead was poured into a mold using a technique first created for the panel plane. Doing things the only way Bentley can get complex shapes to work without unsightly seams.

While the entire line of Bentleys provides a very comfortable interior environment, this new addition certainly raises the stakes. The cabin is filled with more wood, leather and stainless steel than in other Bentley. Unique touches include wooden ring that surrounds the entire compartment, another cut around the dashboard panel and hand finished stainless steel door tread plates.

Bentley Mulsanne has a 60GB hard disk drive system for satellite navigation and other enhancements, as well as 8-inch multimedia screen behind the door, neat power-operated veneer wood. Just below the screen, also hidden, is a leather-lined drawers for storing and connecting your iPod, USB or other storage device.

As we will discover, this is not the type of car that feels like it shrinks around the driver when putting bricks on their incredible drilled pedals. But this driver is very fast-back, cresting 60 mph in 5.1 seconds and topping the century at 11.6. Given fair bit straight tarmac, V8 engine will self-chassis'd steel all the way up to 184 mph.

A new V8 is not only part of a very fine engineering, is also quite sophisticated. In order to better meet the strict regulatory emissions and improve fuel efficiency, Mulsanne with variable displacement feature for four of the cylinder valve closed when the engine is not stressed. This feature, combined with the cam phasing, the machine provides an increase of 15% in fuel efficiency and CO2 emissions. Score cars 16.7 mpg (14L/100km) under the EU combined cycle ratings.

The Mulsanne offers an all-new chassis that is lighter and more rigid than its predecessor closest. This chassis plus another first for the producers: the new dynamics of the system drive with four settings ranging from sporty to be more calm. This car is also equipped with a standard 20-inch wheels, new suspension system and double-wishbone air suspension system with continuous damping.

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